How to pick your business’ website design

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Selecting a website design from a list of templates or from a web designer is an important decision which may impact the successful transition of your business in to the world of ecommerce. Hiring a professional may help you navigate current online trends and avoid appearing outdated, disorganized, or neglectful to your online audience. As the purpose of all websites is to lead the visitor towards an action, have that on the forefront of your mind when picking a website design.

Establish Your Purpose

The first thing to consider when selecting a website design is the intended purpose of the site. Are you looking to provide information about your business? Is it your personal blog? Are you trying to create an online marketplace where you sell and ship goods? Each type of site requires a different navigation scheme, and vary dramatically in the overall look of the site. The feel of the website design for a luxury spa shouldn’t resemble one meant for an accounting firm. Recognize your place in the market and choose your website design based on customer expectations.

Simple Navigation

No matter what purpose your website has, it’s important to have an easily navigated set of pages. Your links should be clearly identifiable, and route directly to where your customer expects to go. Website designs which are over-cluttered or that have poorly aligned sections are seen as less-professional and it may cause customers to question whether or not they are on a legitimate site. Select colors which compliment each other and consider incorporating those which may already be part of your logo. Attractive, easy-to-navigate websites are more likely to retain users for longer periods of time.

Text to Image Ratio

Beware of over-using text or images in your website design. There should be a careful balance of both without distracting from the intended message of the page. Choose a website design which offers adequate space for your content, and support your textual information with interesting images. The website design should be practical and simple, offering you the required structure of a navigable page without overwhelming your visitors.

For whatever reason you’re considering creating a website, be it a blog, a business page, or the next online marketplace, much of your success hinges on the website design and usability of the site. A user-friendly site will help not only generate traffic, but keep visitors on your site for longer, creating better engagement overall. By selecting a website design that is simple, attractive, and practical for your intentions, you’ll be more successful in the digital realm.