How to boost your customer online engagement

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To boost customer online engagement, it is necessary to create a connection and rapport with your consumer audience online. This is also an effective and efficient way to attract potential patrons through various web tools that can increase your company’s exposure and improve revenues. Marketing specialists and advertising professionals recommend using available resources to set up a strong, consistent online presence that also represents your business in a positive, interactive way.

Some online tools that will help you increase your customer online engagement include:

Online surveys

Surveys are a great tool to help gauge the needs of consumers, while also providing a way to elicit honest feedback from patrons. This can lead to quality control and may show how to best improve on your service or product efficiently.

Social media

Don’t overlook any opportunity to increase customer online engagement through social media. While maintaining a page is free on these platforms, it may also prove beneficial to invest resources in expanding your company’s exposure with paid advertising through these sites.


Everyone loves the chance to get something for free, so an online giveaway is an excellent tool to build a consumer following. Sites such as RaffleCopter and Shortstack provide a template and online moderation of your promotion for convenience and ease.

Tweets and chats

Live chats and tweeting are great ways to increase your business’ customer online engagement, and also can help you to create a following. This shows that you regularly update the information disseminated online, and makes you available to your potential clients and consumers readily, which can be very appealing to some buyers and patrons.

Customers and clients will feel more personally connected to those companies that take time to engage through online platforms, including these four venues. Building a consistent image online will build familiarity among your customers, as well as potentially entice prospective patrons to trust and try your service or product. Talk with marketing professionals for distinctive campaigns and promotions to build your online presence, and take advantage of some of the free platforms, such as social media, to grow your customer online engagement.