Choosing the best social media channel for you

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How to choose your social media channel

Whether you’re selling a good, service, or concept, you need to be putting yourself out there in the ever-changing world of various social media channels. This initial plunge, if you haven’t already taken it, can be daunting. Below, we’ll clue you in on some of the most popular social media channels and discuss their main benefits when used for marketing, as well as some strategies.


What started as a social media giant, Facebook has now become one of the key way small businesses and corporations are promoting themselves to members of younger generations. Unfortunately for Facebook, the monopoly on social media was brief and from its creation, we’ve seen many other unique social media sites that do some things much better than Facebook. That’s not to say that Facebook should be written off, there are still a few things that Facebook does best.

Use Facebook to become an authority in your field, this means you are in touch with the experts on Facebook, you are sharing pertinent information from all corners of your topic with your audience, and when something new happens, you are the first to break the news.


Perhaps Facebook’s biggest and baddest contender, Twitter has re-shaped the way we communicate. No more lengthy posts and long articles, we’ve learned to absorb information and communicate with others in 140 characters or less. Arguably the best marketing use of this social media channel is how much conversation and action you can generate with little effort when you have the right followers, and how easy it is to get the right people to notice you.

Twitter makes it easy for you to search for people who are talking about your product and your message so that you can build a community of followers who care about what you have to say.


Our culture has grown to be highly visual, which is why Instagram has seen such a success. Instagram is the main social media channel where you can focus on your personal style and brand. Instagram allows you to put in a small picture what 1,000 words could never do justice, making it easier than ever for you to secure your audience.

It’s never suggested that a business only use one social media channel for their marketing strategy. A well balanced use of each of the three mentioned above will help you reach and appeal to a larger audience, as well as drive more people to action.