How to plan & schedule social media marketing

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Almost every business needs social media marketing, whether that is through use of Twitter, Facebook or even a blog that can be shared. The only problem with this is actually keeping social media marketing accounts and blogs updated. Keeping your business’s Twitter and Facebook accounts updated is difficult, but it’s also essential. Social media marketing moves at a fast pace, and something that isn’t updated daily soon fades into obscurity.

If you really want to update your online content at a steady pace, you need to create a schedule for your social media marketing strategies and have it ready to go days or even weeks in advance. Here are some tips that will help you with that.

Know How Often to Post to Social Media

The first step in scheduling your social media marketing strategies and online content is knowing how often to post to different accounts. You should be posting to a Twitter account about 14 times a day, mostly during business hours and never more than once an hour. Facebook and Google Plus should be updated about twice a day. A blog should be updated at least once a week.

Use a Calendar to Create a Schedule Social Media Marketing

A calendar can help you keep track of when and where to post at any given time, and it can help you keep track of how many times you’ve updated your online content. It can also help you plan you social media marketing efforts weeks in advance, which is helpful when you have to come up with a lengthy blog post and have it ready to go on a specific day.

Find a Tool that will Help You Post to Multiple Accounts

Tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer and WordPress’s post scheduling feature will allow you to monitor several social media accounts and blogs all at once. There is no need to jump to different websites or social media marketing programs; with the right tool, you can take care of all of your content at once. You can even set some of these tools to update specific content automatically. Just write the tweet or Facebook status update, plug it into your schedule and the tool will do the rest.

Post Spontaneously

Although it’s important to keep a fairly tight schedule, you should also write spontaneous tweets and blog posts when the mood strikes you. It keeps you engaged, and it helps you stay on top of trending topics that might boost your business’s visibility and social media marketing results.