SMBs could use IT help in a tough marketplace

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A recent study and article by Bizreport confirms what most of us already know; running a small business is tough and getting tougher by the day. The information comes from new survey of small businesses conducted by Small Business Week and Constant Contact. One interesting statistic stands out about small businesses and technology; nearly half (49%) say it’s ‘hard to keep pace’ with technology.

How many hats must a small business owner wear?

As if it is not hard enough just to keep pace with things in your own industry it is harder to keep pace with general technology. How many hats must a small business owner wear? We receive at least one call per week where one of our customers is looking for help with a technical product. While we won’t come to your house and show you how to program your microwave or remote control, we are known for not saying no and in most cases can solve the issue or add clarity to a situation.

Let us  help you keep pace with IT

If you find your faced with a question from your customer or in need of some technical advice please feel free to reach out to us for answers, after all that is what we are here for. We are here to insure you and your small business stay in business.