Variable Data Printing

Our Process

Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Over the past 10 years Variable Data Printing has evolved. VDP is now much more than just one-to-one personalized printing. With the help of modern digital printers, an entire brochure can be personalized from front cover to back cover.

At first personalized pieces only captured attention and were a novelty. Today, Variable Data Printing creates content that is relevant to each unique recipient. Modern Variable Data Printing uses text, imagery and offers to speak to the individuals - their needs, specific location, or even what point they are in the buying process.

Here are a few other items that can help personalize your message other than name:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income Level
  • Past Buying Patterns
  • Buying History
  • Location
  • Interest level
  • Affiliation
  • Offer
  • And more...


PURLs - How They Work

Personalized URLs (or “PURLs”) can grab the attention of your contacts and navigate them to interactive online content.


Marketing with PURLs:
  • Capture recipients’ eye while showing individualized attention
  • Increase response rates by up to 20-30%
  • Fast response tracking
  • Build email lists for future marketing
  • Gather market research data from your defined target audience
  • Generate the hot leads you need

In our world, each Variable Data Printing project is unique, and we treat them that way! Let our team help get your projects off the ground.

Variable Data Printing and Ink-IT Digital

Ink-IT Digital was an early innovator with Variable Data Printing services by working with Xerox and PageFlex.Our team is well versed in the VDP process, from design to data manipulation to production. At Ink-It Digital, we work with printing companies and their clients to create Variable Data Printing products that stand out! We go above and beyond for corporate events, personalized direct mail, personal QR codes, and personalized websites.

Give us a call to setup a demo Pageflex Storefront for you or your client.