System Integration

Custom programming is needed in very specific situations. There are times an off-the-shelf application won’t fit the business’s requirements or needs. In other cases, off-the-shelf applications need to be modified to fit or mid ware created to make these applications talk to other Legacy apps. Off-the-Shelf software programs may not operate efficiently and effectively in your current environment

While each case is slightly different, our custom programming services team will find the solution and create the right fix for your needs.

The following are just a few of the solutions we develop:

-        We use Secure Web Application development leveraging Single-Sign On and industry security standards including SAML

-        We create custom e-Commerce WordPress extensions to integrate with Groupon, Living Social and Google Offers.

-        We utilize extensive experience with both Windows Server and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environments

-        Document Database Solutions, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), and Microsoft Entity Framework are all ways we can help improve your website.

Custom Software Programming Solutions

In the past 15 years Ink-IT digital has successfully developed and implemented many custom programming solutions for our customers. Our solutions span many industries and almost all of our solution involve web-based systems. In most cases our custom programming services team identifies a business process that is in need of automation or enhancement. Depending on the language and the application, we can serve your custom programming needs.

    • VB.NET
  • C#
  • PHP
  • XML
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL

We are commonly asked to consult when business are upgrading to new software, adding new systems or entering new markets. Our team can identify the best way for different systems to communicate effectively saving our clients time and money.

Custom Programming & Return on Investment

Automating repetitive tasks saves time and money. Adding Automation and creating custom software programming could eliminate the need to hire more workers, increase the speed at which you communicate with your customers and reduce errors. In almost all cases our custom software programming will pay for itself, even if that was not the overall goal of the project.

If you have a few ideas on how you can be more efficient WE'D LOVE TO TALK. Our custom programming services team can find a cost effective solution that in the end will save you time and money.