SEO Website Discovery

The First Step to SEO Success

SEO Website Discovery is an often missed step in your online success. Popular keywords and search terms are what get people to your site. If they're the wrong audience, what's the point? With SEO Website Discovery, we can ensure that purpose of your website is targeted towards the visitors you're trying to attract. This process can be done to suit varying goals like promotional, brand engagement, ecommerce or informational.

Why Do SEO Website Discovery?

Creating a baseline for the SEO content that your website needs to suit your goals helps you short and long term. You don't want to jump in the deep end without knowing how to swim. By starting the SEO plan with proper discovery, it minimizes the need for back tracking while designing your site. Even months or years down the line, this will reduce time needed for web design and development.

How SEO Website Discovery is Done

Ink-IT Digital has helped many online businesses get in front of their audience by matching the business plan with the potential client need. Our SEO Website Discovery plan includes intensive research in the following areas.

  • Your Online and Offline Business Intent
  • Design and Marketing Plans
  • Your Plan Ideas and Goals
  • Pain Points and Where You Excel
  • Audit of Your Current Online Activities
  • Matching Your Design and SEO
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Examination
  • Branding
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Your Potential Customers

What's the Next Step?

Once the SEO Discovery has been completed, we would let you know our recommendations for your SEO plan. A custom tailored SEO plan would need to be put into place to suit your needs. Each plan is different since your competition is not doing the same thing as someone else's. We understand the attention to detail that your website project needs. Let us know if you or your clients could benefit from SEO.