SEO Competitive Analysis

Knowing Where You Stand

SEO content, site structure, and other SEO elements will potentially allow you to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO competitive analysis is a refined process that can give you the edge against your competition.

Knowing Your Competition

With SEO competitive analysis, knowing your competition is key. Your competition online may differ than your competition in retail, big box or other verticals. There is potential competition in the online space that you may be unaware of. By focusing on the keywords you want to rank with, we will find who is in your competitive space. By finding what keywords your known competition is ranking for, we can begin researching how they're gaining raking positions.

Taking the time to understand and track your competitive landscape can have a positive effect on your traffic and conversions. We will work to identify patterns within keyword searches for your site. The keywords that drive traffic to your site for Product A are different than the keywords that drive traffic to Product B. In this same reasoning, the competitors for Product A may be different than the competitors for Product B.

SEO Competitive Analysis Plan

Once your keywords, content, and other SEO data are put head to head against your competition, you know where you stand. Ink-IT Digital can help you create a plan that will get you where you want to be in the SERPs.

Each company has different needs with SEO and we will build a customized plan to suit your needs. A few tactics we employ that prove beneificial are:

  • Strengthening Backlinks: Creating relationships with sites that your competition doesn't link with. Also, creating relationships with sites your competition is back linking to.
  • On-Page Content Optimization: We will analyze why your competition's design and navigation is more attractive to visitors. We will create a design optimization plan to potentially shift the user focus to your offerings.
  • SEO Content Strategy: We will research your competitors' site content and suggest ways your site content can be optimized to be seen as more relevant by the search engines.

Get in touch with Ink-IT today if you clients or you want to learn more about our SEO Competitive Analysis Services.