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What is SEO and How Can it Help Your Website?

SEO is a term that is misunderstood by many. Even in the inner realm of SEO, there are varying schools of thoughts and methods used to gain better page rankings within search engines. A proper SEO strategy can create more visibility for your website in Google, Bing, and other search engines. Ink-It Digital only employs white hat techniques that keep you current with search engine algorithms.


White Hat SEO Techniques

Whether you’re starting from scratch or your site simply needs an improved page rank, White Hat SEO techniques provide a stable foundation for your online initiatives. Ink-It Digital’s team will create a short-term and long-term SEO plan for your needs that will boost your search engine rank and drive increased traffic to your website


Ink It Digital's SEO Services Include:


  • Detailed keyword analysis to focus on the best keywords for your online needs
  • A strategic plan for optimizing titles, heading tags, image alt tags, meta keywords, description tags, and much more!
  • Content optimization tactics to develop content rich in keywords
  • Link building strategies to tighten your relevance
  • A focused Sitemap designed to meet search engine requirements
  • Custom reporting strategies using Google Analytics data assessment to help you continually improve your SEO strategy
  • We avoid Gray Hat and Black Hat practices and use techniques to avoid being blacklisted or penalized by major search engines

 These personalized SEO techniques will be assigned to a specialized consultant for your account. Whether your goal is brand recognition, improved e-commerce, or gaining ranking on a content management system like Wordpress or Drupal, Ink-It Digital’s SEO solutions are custom built for your success!

 To learn more about what Ink-It Digital’s customized SEO solutions can do for you, contact us now!