Affiliate Marketing Programs

How Do They Work?

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based advertising model where a network of online retailers sell your products or services for a commission. That commission can be a flat rate or a percentage of the sale.

Are you looking for an outlet to sell online but you don't have time to create individual deals with large online retailers? Many affiliate publishers, those who sell for you, are experienced web marketers with a history of success. Affiliate marketing can build lasting online relationships and increased sales when managed properly.

Is It Right For Your Business?

Do you have products you are trying to sell online but don't have the time to setup your own large online marketing plan? Affiliate marketing may be for you. By leveraging a well run Affiliate program, you can increase sales, brand recognition and online partnerships through a pre-built channel with your own terms and conditions.

Which Affiliate Network is the Best?

There isn't a solidified number one spot out there for the best Affiliate Network. Ink-IT Digital has worked with the top networks and some others we will not mention. Through years of Affiliate management, we have found that setup and management in one of these three networks creates Affiliate solutions for almost any size business.

In-House Ad Creative Team

Vibrant banner ads and compelling text ads are essential to Affiliate marketing success. Ink-IT Digital has an in-house design team to ensure your publishers have the assets they need to properly represent you online. We stay current with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) updated ad creative guidelines to provide you and your publishers the best possible creative solutions.

Affiliate Marketing and Brand Protection

There are ways to protect your brand online while having other people sell for you. You can be as free or as strict as you like with the publishers selling your products. We have painstakingly setup up terms and conditions for companies with very strict brand protection guidelines. We also have management solutions that regularly monitor your affiliate terms online and minimize the abuse of your policies.

Affiliate Program Management

Constant and consistent Affiliate management is necessary for the success of an Affiliate program. Ink-IT Digital's affiliate management solutions include fraud management, ensuring your publishers are working within your terms and conditions, brand protection solutions, creative development, reporting and optimization services. Let us know yours or your clients' questions about Affiliate marketing and we'll create a potential solution.