Business Application Development

Are you looking for Custom development for a Greenfield Project?

Here are just a few of the domains we have experience working in:
Financial Services, Education, Government Institutions, Medical Services, Ecommerce and any other business that needs software to manage their business data and processes

Are you experiencing ever increasing development times that are preventing your business from scaling out to the growth you want to achieve?

We specialize in SOA Implementations where businesses are looking to migrate their business capabilities away from highly coupled monolithic solutions that are hard to maintain and are increasingly elevating development times.

Are you looking to iteratively improve you existing software to take your business to the next level?

We can analyze your existing software echo system and propose solutions to incrementally address your pain points in the smartest and most affordable way.

Are you a Microsoft Shop on the .Net stack and need expertise in implementing these technologies?

We provide expert consolation or hands on development and training for MVC, Entity Framework, WCF web services, Messaging Frameworks such as NServiceBus

Is your business experiencing slow development cycles due to the lack of Automated Testing Suites?

We can provide expert consolation or hands on development and training for building a robust Automated Test Suite that covers your software with regression testing which is the key to Agile development and fast development cycles.   This includes Unit, Integration, Functional and testing.

Are you looking to migrate your Relational Database into a Document Database?

We provide expertise in re-modeling relational databases into Documents.  There is an art to figuring out the correct transactional boundaries and our team of experts can ease this transition.  We specialize in MongoDb and RavenDb platforms.  It is entirely possible to run a transactional system on a Document Database.


Custom Software Programming Solutions

In the past 15 years Ink-IT digital has successfully developed and implemented many custom programming solutions for our customers. Our solutions span many industries and almost all of our solution involve web-based systems. In most cases our custom programming services team identifies a business process that is in need of automation or enhancement. Depending on the language and the application, we can serve your custom programming needs.

• Entity Framework
• NServiceBus
• MongoDb and RavenDb

We are commonly asked to consult when business are upgrading to new software, adding new systems or entering new markets. Our team can identify the best way for different systems to communicate effectively saving our clients time and money.