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Our Process

Creating Effective Email Campaigns

If you are new to email marketing or campaigns we can certainly help you to get started! Looking to take your email campaigns and company emails to a whole new level? We have some great ideas for you too!

Email campaigns are still the best and most cost-effective way to reach your customers. However, not all email marketing campaigns are created equal. While some B2C and B2B companies are very effective, many struggle. With over 10 years of email marketing experience, we rise above the rest! We understand that one size does not fit all, so we tailor our email marketing solutions to fit each customer’s needs.

There are three basic components to any successful campaign: content, delivery, and reporting. While these may sound obvious, many companies have a hard time executing all three components. Finding the best email marketing campaign process for your company is our #1 goal!



Email Campaign Templates: Plain HTML or a Wizard?

We are strong believers that if you take the time to create things just right down to the last detail, they will stand the test of time and perform above and beyond expectations. For this reason, we assemble great email templates for our customers by hand in HTML. Knowing how to build an email template that will not only work, but look good in all email clients takes experience and time – and wow, is it worth it! You know the email will look great regardless of the email client you used.

In order to save some time and money, we can use an email marketing company WYSIWYG Wizard tool to create an email. In most cases it may not be as creative and responsive as HTML, but it will still get the job done. Experience in email marketing and HTLM go hand in hand. The Email Wizard may work in some basic cases, yet custom HTML email campaigns can represent your campaigns much better.



Email Campaigns and Content: What Works?

One of the disadvantages of using a WYSIWYG Wizard to create your email marketing messages is the margin for error. A provider that tests the effectiveness of the messages’ wording and images lowers the chance of your email being marked as spam. We pride ourselves on advising our clients on which words to avoid, how to properly phrase the email and where to place the call-to-action. Many of the wizards will help you avoid the major issues, but miss the subtle nuances only a professional could pick up. If the provider offers training videos or tutorials, we recommend spending some time reviewing them before creating your email marketing campaign.



Using an Email Delivery Service

Once you plan on starting email campaigns for your customers, look for a delivery service. You can save money by using your own account or email server, but it can get your domain blacklisted. Email marketing delivery companies have worked out relationships and are whitelisted to send large amounts of emails.

Another very important, but often overlooked, advantage of using an email service is the ability to prevent you from accidentally spamming your customers. If a customer opts out, the email marketing delivery service will store their email address for you. Even if you try to email them again, it will prevent the message from being sent. Consider this a form of insurance. You can then download and clear your own records at your leisure. At Ink-IT Digital, we partner with the best email providers and can assist you in getting an account set up.



Campaign Reporting: What Your Data Is Worth

 All email marketing services provide reports and stats that will show you how your campaign is doing. These reports show how many customers opened your email. A low open rate could indicate that the subject was not engaging enough, the email was sent at a poor time, or the email wasn’t built properly and was marked as SPAM.

Your email campaign reporting will show which links the user clicked if at all. If they did click, was it the link you wanted them to or the unsubscribe link? Did they forward the email to others? When you build the email you should have ideas of how people should react to it. The email campaign reports are where you check if your predictions came true, and if not, then why. Your data can give insight on what to improve upon for future email campaigns.

Ink-It Digital’s email campaigns are built in-house by developers who have worked with HTML for over 10 years. Give us your ideas and we will work for the right solution!