WordPress Ecommerce

How It Can Work for You

WordPress ecommerce is one of our favorite topics around our water cooler. The CMS team at Ink-IT Digital have agreed that the combination of WordPress and WooCommerce is a viable platform for e-commerce. We have completed many a project with Drupal and Ubercart as well. TO Ink-IT Digital, WordPress is a serious contender in the CMS ecommerce arena.

WordPress is an Ecommerce Solution?

WordPress is often overlooked as a serious e-commerce solution. It's not just a Blog platform anymore. For the small to medium business, WordPress can be the right solution for your ecommerce needs. WordPress gets a bad rap when. It's often said that WP commerce is not scalable. The discussion is still alive that WP ecommerce doesn't have inventory management or decent reporting. Each of these points are not necessarily true. we have built many small to medium WordPress commerce websites that work well on WordPress and have great SEO. Depending on the size of your business, we would recommend WordPress ECommerce or another ecommerce solution.

WordPress, WooCommerce and More!

One reason many are now looking at WordPress for e-commerce is newer plugins such as WooCommerce. This basic Plugin offers a variety of features. If other features are needed, they can easily be attained with WooCommerce compatible plugins. Ink-IT Digital has used WordPress with multiple payment gateways and understands the various needs depending on the size of your business. If you require affiliate and social integration plugins, we have a host of solutions to fit your needs. Also available is the ability to save the cart and share the cart on social platforms. So while these features might not be acceptable to a fortune 500 company with an small army of employees, it is certainly a great option for a small business or a brick and mortar business that wants to also sell online.

Where WordPress Ecommerce shines

WordPress Ecommerce shines bright in two important and overlooked areas - ease of use and social aspects. WordPress is very social right out of the box. Users can create accounts, participate in reviews, share their shopping carts with friends and even start discussions on forums about products and services. Not only are all of these features easy for the user but they are easy for the small business owner to manage. The e-commerce process can seem overwhelming to some business owners but it doesn't have to be. You don't need an onsite WordPress Ecommerce manager. Ink-IT Digital has the WordPress Ecommerce knowledge and experience in a wide reach of verticals. We can show you how WordPress Ecommerce can be an integral part of your business.

Is WordPress Ecommerce Your Solution?

At Ink-IT Digital we believe WordPress and WooCommerce can give the small business owner looking to get into commerce one of the most powerful platforms to host your e-commerce website. The future looks bright for WordPress Ecommerce. At Ink-IT Digital, we can show you how to capitalize on this huge untapped opportunity for your business.