eBay Integration

Do you sell online and sell on eBay? If so then you should consider eBay integration. Depending on the shopping cart platform there may be tools that allow you to integrate your site to some of the most popular services around such as eBay.  With eBay integration there is no need to manually duplicate products to list them on eBay or worry about variances between the products on your website and your eBay Store.

With eBay integration software you can automatically import your commerce store products to eBay and if they sell report the information back to your shopping cart.   In general eBay integration tools have one thing in common; to integrate products from your shopping cart to eBay.

eBay and WordPress

There are many eBay integration tools available, yet not all of them are created equal. There are a variety of plugins to choose from if you wish to import products from eBay to WordPress. After much research, we found that eBay integration in WordPress using the combination of Woocommerce and the WP Lister plugin is a winning combination.

WP Lister eBay Integration

WordPress ecommerce websites running WooCommerce or WP Commerce can download for free or purchase a pro version of software called WP-Lister. This software will connect your WordPress e-commerce website with eBay. The plugin is designed to push products from your products page and list them on eBay with a few clicks of the mouse. Depending on the version you use, you can list and manage any number of items at the same time. The pro version will even support for product variations and will split variations into single items if needed.

One of the best features of the eBay listing tool we found is the inventory management tool. If you have 10 widgets in stock and you sell 5 on eBay and 5 through the site shopping cart, the item would automatically go into out of stock status. Another great feature is the ability to create custom listing templates using the WordPress editor. You can also download or upload the listing templates as a zip file.

eBay Tracking and Reporting Features

Some of the great time saving features when using eBay website integration with WordPress are:

  • You can use the software for processing orders with tracking IDs
  • Send sellers feedback from within WordPress & WooCommerce
  • Optional QuickBooks Connector Extension for WooCommerce
    • Transfer your orders, customers and inventory to your QuickBooks software

Depending on your shopping cart, Ink-IT Digital may be able to find an ebay integration tool that is just right for you. If you are selling on eBay and want to sell through your site, give Ink-IT Digital a call.