Drupal Ecommerce - What Is It?

The name Drupal, pronounced "droo-puhl," derives from the English pronunciation of the Dutch word "druppel," which means "drop." But to answer the question "what is drupal" let's start with the basics.  Drupal is a free, open-source web development platform used for websites and online communities. Drupal software runs some of the busiest websites in the world and Drupal Ecommerce powers some of the worlds major retail websites.

To really understand what is Drupal Ecommerce is, we should consider Drupal web development. The Default installation of Drupal provides a secure database-driven website with extensible architecture that allows web developers to expand on the core technology. Drupal commerce allows web developers to create Drupal ecommerce websites that use ubercart and magento to create powerful Drupal commerce websites.

The Drupal default installation is a database-backed web platform with file maintenance tools and a high level of security. Many developers take advantage of Drupal’s extensible architecture to go far beyond the “core” package. With the Übercart shopping cart solution, Ink-IT Digital can create a scalable Drupal Ecommerce solution for your business.

Drupal is Scalability

One interesting factor about Drupal and must be included in any discussion about what is Drupal is scalability. Drupal is field tested on sites with over a million pages and Drupal runs many of the world’s biggest websites. Drupal has made strong inroads with most major governments and industry-leading enterprises because it is scalable and secure. Rest assured many of these high profile websites that are running Drupal have been subjected to rigorous security testing.

Is Drupal Right for Your Business?

In conclusion, if your looking for a secure, scalable and e-commerce web development platform, you should consider Drupal. If you think Drupal may be a good fit for your website or application please fill out our request quote form.