ASP.Net Shopping Cart

Is It For You?

Whether you're a novice or an e-commerce shopping cart .net guru, the right shopping cart is sometimes not easy to find. At Ink-IT Digital we've been working with .ASP and .Net shopping carts for over 10 years and what good is all that experience if we can't pass it on.

With so many shopping cart choices out there we thought it would be helpful to discuss the basics.

ASP.Net Shopping Cart Features

All shopping cart solutions tout the features you'd expect for your needs. Main items such as category and product levels, product options, kiting, specials and quantity discounts, inventory management, clear order management, pre-installed and integrated payment gateways, customizable tax table options, detailed reports and coupons are what we would call the bare minimum these days.

There are many added options you may or may not need depending on your shopping cart needs.

  • Do you need digital delivery of electronic goods?
  • Do you need to work in international currencies?
  • Are you offering subscriptions?
  • Do you need special and flexible shipping options?

In order to find the specific shopping cart for your needs, you might need to make a list of the requirements you desire before you start to look.

All of the shopping carts we use at Ink-IT Digital allow for extensive use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) so we can design and customize the shopping cart in to fit your website and brand requirements. Some of the shopping carts we use, like AbleCommerce, have asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) that make for a faster, more attractive, easier-to-use interface so your customers move through your store more quickly and easily, meaning more orders. For example, the One Page Checkout (using AJAX) allows customers to choose shipping and payment options in a single page.

In the past few years shopping carts have gotten more clever and have started to integrate SEO into the shopping cart.  This allows the shopping cart .net to optimize for friendliness to search engines. For example the title bars are dynamically generated and use category and product names, as are the URLs. In some cases simply by adding 3rd party SEO tools, websites can see significant gain in traffic after migrating from a shopping cart package more than a few years old.

Shopping Cart Security

Don't forget about security when selecting a shopping cart in Make sure the shopping cart you select is PCI Compliant and PCI Certified. Hard to believe there would be any out there that are not by now, but do your homework and check before you invest any time in the shopping cart.

We work with our clients to identify hosting requirements before we recommend a shopping cart solution. While you're looking at security requirements, you should check on your hosting requirements. For example, what type of servers do the shopping cart needs to operate? The server should be 2008 and above. You might need to look for a separate web server and database server if you need to scale to 40-50K unique visitors. If you need more fire power, look for shopping carts that can run in a clustered environment.

Shopping Cart Support

Last, but not least, ask about the shopping cart documentation, support and training.  Many shopping cart offer mediocre documentation.  Does the shopping manufacturer offer support forums? Do they rely on experienced development partners like Ink-IT Digital to answer client questions?  You may not need all the support options but do your homework so when you need the help there are no surprises.

Please feel free to give us a call and discuss your shopping cart needs. You can also get in touch with us by filling our request for estimate form.