Digital Publishing and Mobile Application Development

Ever wonder how you can get your beautiful printed catalog online and reach new audiences? Wouldn’t it be great if you could add rich media such as animations and sound to your digital publication? Would you like to publish your catalog or newsletter in an APP? Today all of this is possible using specialized tools for digital publishing and mobile app development.

The New Age of Digital Publishing

Ink-IT Digital can help you get your catalog, publication, or newsletter online and reach new audiences. Today, it is possible publish your very own digital online bookstore or create a digital revolution. By using your desktop publishing software, rich media and our tools you can reach millions and keep them coming back. You don’t have to create new documents. You can re-purpose existing documents and we will enhance the way they look, their navigation and how they are delivered.

Digital Publishing for Business

Often when we hear the words digital publishing we think of books, magazines, catalogs or brochures. There is a new trend in business with employee communications publications (B2E). With our digital publishing solutions, we can create interesting and engaging digital versions of your internal newsletters and documents. We can embedded motivating management message videos, interactive knowledge tests or even updated sales techniques right in the private publication pages. 

Let us take those HR documents, sales reports, or newsletters and digitally publish them with rich media across multiple platforms – even on your own closed-access (private) apps. Use your private APP on internal company iPads, iPhones, Android devices and Windows 8. Each of our B2E tools come with full security, encryption and access control. These solutions are also enabled with Audit trails and report data.

See Your E-Commerce Revenue Grow in an Entirely New Market

Your online catalogs can become more interactive using our digital publishing products. By linking your e-commerce system, the customer will experience a rich browsing experience and can order right from the catalog.

We can add an amazing browsing experience using all the richness of your current printed catalog. Your customers are then served an engaging catalog tied to your commerce back end.

Ever wonder which pages and products in your print catalog captivate and convert sales? With our solution you can learn which pages and products are the most popular. With analytical reporting included, you can see how your customers browse through your catalogs. You can know which products drive customers and use that data for your next printed catalog to increase conversions.

If it is imperative that you get your message read we can make it happen. Let us help you create your digital publishing revolution!