Asp.Net Solutions

Ink-IT Digital has a broad experience in developing medium and large-scale web applications in ASP.NET. Some of the earliest projects we developed were for fortune 500 companies. From version 1.0 to the current, we have built hundreds of applications using all the various technologies available in the Dot Net stack.  As the framework has grown, it has become very feature rich for building any sort of application you can think of and we have expertise in all the major components available in the framework.  We offer:

ASP.NET Maintenance and support Service

ASP.NET Web application development services

ASP.NET Consulting.

With over 10 years experience developing using the Dot Net framework.

Please give us a call and we can share our success stories using ASP.NET development.

Asp.Net MVC
We started using Asp.Net MVC as our default web framework as soon as it was released.  The framework allows us to create web applications that have a clean separation of concerns, are maintainable and testable.   The elimination of viewstate allows front-end developers to write clean markup with no framework interference.  The MVC UI design pattern has proven itself to be a solid design pattern and has implementations in all major web frameworks.
Asp.Net Web Forms

We have been building web applications using Asp.Net Web Forms since 2005.  Although this is no longer our default web application framework, we continue to support and maintain dozens of applications using Asp.Net Web Forms.   If you have existing applications using this framework and require maintenance or extension, we are happy to work with this technology.   Our development team has a deep understanding of the page life cycle, server controls and many other gotchas that many developers run into when using Asp.Net Web Forms.  With nearly 10 years  experience with this framework we have used and pushed it in just about every way you will come across.

WCF and Web API

We have been programming SOAP based web services and REST based services since the addition of these two technologies.  WCF is a very powerful transport independent framework for exposing capabilities, but has a complicated configuration model that has proved to be very challenging for many developers.   With nearly ten years of programming using WCF we have expertise in overcoming the many challenges you will face.   For pure HTTP based and restful services, we are now using the simpler WebAPI framework, which allows for rapid development.

Windows Forms

With the explosion of the internet we have seen many application move away from desktop applications.  Although some applications still lend themselves to be more appropriate as a desktop applications.  With over 10 years experience using the Windows Forms framework we have the expertise to develop desktop applications that offer a great user experience.