Business Application Development

Our Process

When looking for web development, you need to consider your messaging and how this new or redesigned website fits into your overall marketing plan.

If your existing website is not performing as you want, we want to know more about it and what isn’t working! We may investigate the Analytics data and pathways to see exactly how users currently move and use your website. If this is your first website, we may spend more time discussing with you what you want your website to accomplish, what your competitors are doing, and most importantly, what users are looking for from you. The first steps revolve around your sale process and your value proposition to your visitors.



The planning stage is arguably the most important, because what’s decided and mapped here sets the stage for the entire project. In this discovery phase, we’ll meet with you to comprehensively define and document the scope and specifics of your project. This is where we will discuss your necessary features along with the additional features you are considering. This phase will produce the site map that will be utilized to determine how deep the site will go and what final features are decided upon.



The design stage typically involves moving the information outlined in the planning stage further into reality. In this design phase, Ink it Digital will present up to three concepts for the look and feel of the sites. This is done by Ink it Digital presenting a home page and up to two selected sub pages from the approved site map. After a concept is chosen we will refine the designs until a final “look and feel” is agreed upon. Designers will then flesh out the core areas of the design, reviewing with the client at appropriate intervals. The main deliverables are a documented site structure and, more importantly, a visual representation. Upon completion of the design phase, the website should more or less have taken shape, but for the absence of the content and special features.



Development involves the bulk of the programming work, as well as loading content. We keep the code organized and commented, and refer constantly to the planning details as the full website takes shape. This technical phase will establish the source code framework, database, and integration of any 3rd party utilities that may be necessary. Our programming code is written in accordance with all the current accepted standards and best practices. The team will implement the GUI and functionality as defined in the discovery and define processes. This includes the most recent version of HTML coding and CSS layout for optimum scalability and consistency. This phase of your project will produce a beta version of your site for review and testing.



Quality Assurance (QA) and load testing shall be performed by both automated and human methods. QA Testing ensures deployment-ready website and featured apps. External volunteers on the client side are encouraged, and will be required before final sign-off on the project. Online bug tracking software is included in this phase of the project. This permits testers from multiple locations and allows for transparency throughout bug and QA testing.



The purpose of the launch phase is to prepare the website for public viewing. This requires final polishing of design elements, deep testing of interactivity and features and, most of all, a consideration of the user experience.  At this time we will also start on Training and ongoing maintenance if these items are requested.

Our project teams are composed of technical staff with specific concentrations in:

  • Project Mapping and Organization
  • Design to Include Copywriting, Layout and Aesthetics
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Front-End User Interface (UI) Development
  • Custom Programming
  • Server Maintenance and Security