Our First Steps:

Tell us about your website! If it isn’t performing as well as it should, we have a few checks we run to see which specific areas we can improve your site. We may check the Analytics data to understand which areas of the site are doing well and which are under-utilized. Another method to perfect this data is tracking the viewers’ pathways through your site to better understand their online behavior in relation to your content. We also like to investigate what your primary goals you want your website to accomplish, what your competitors are doing, and (most importantly) what your users want from you! Establishing and promoting the value you offer to your visitors is key to getting your site flourishing.


The Next Step:

It’s one thing to make the outside of a webpage look flashy and attractive, but what good is that if the nuts and bolts of the site are garbage? The backend of a website is just as – if not more- important as the attractive exterior! This is why we specialize in:


  • Solving database issues, including accessing information from several databases if necessary, and through single sign-on portals.
  • Creating secure and un-secure electronic forms (like job applications, event registration, opinion polls, etc.)
  • Developing robust web pages to dynamically display content and engage each unique user!


The Finish Line:

Now that your website is fully-functional on the inside, it’s time to clean up the outside and make it sleek, attractive, and easy to use! 

Not only can we design your website to your complete satisfaction, but we also offer some other solutions to help drive viewers to your site!

  • We produce high-quality GIF and flash banner ads
  • We create interactive product demonstrations for customers, sales training, service training, and customer service training
  • Using proven technology, we can create multiple versions of a page or message to test for and find the perfect way to create conversations with your customer
  • We can design and create a fully integrated e-commerce solution that is customized for your individual needs